Belladonna Sweets is a two-sister dynamic duo. Sisters Izabel and Stella have decided to combine their passion for baking and fine designs by founding  Belladonna Sweets. Izabel was always the baker in the family. Her pastries and cakes were always the centerpieces of all the celebrations and parties. Over the years she worked on perfecting and diversifying her recipes.

Stella on the other hand, always had the artistic fiber, a great sense of style and sophistication. She has a bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and was always passionate about fine art and unique creations.

Based in Los Angeles, Belladonna Sweets is the perfect combination of the skills of these two talented sisters. Their unique designs, great tasting pastries, and cakes have captured the attention of many customers in a short period of time. They are the perfect go-to team for all your dessert needs for any occasion. They offer various types of desserts and pastries. From fun and colorful kids designs to elegant wedding cakes to sophisticated desert stations, they have it all. Your vision is captured in their creations and translated to perfect bites of heaven that look as good as they taste.

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Every cupcake is special.

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